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Get quality check tire repair and replacements from the experts.

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High-quality carbon-fibre custom alloy wheels for your car.

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A rim manufacturer may have all the right information on the tire.

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Get the best custom rims for your car with fresh designs and colors.

Audi A6 Quattro w/ 20″ Forza Forged Wheels

Check out the custom rim installation for Audi A6 tested for durability and performance.


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  • Better heat conductivity, anti-corrosive properties and much lighter than the steel wheel, aluminium alloy wheels makes it the best option for passenger vehicles. By manipulating handling and suspension, you enjoy enhanced performance, and the weight of the light wheel creates less stress on the tire. For the best experience, look at the top ten manufacturers of the aluminium alloy wheels in the world.

    1. BORBET

    Innovative technologies and pioneering design, that's their trademark. Renowned for its light-alloy wheels, this German business started way back in 1962, and the famed BORBET A-Wheel first became a global success in 1987. You'll catch sight of their wheels in vans, and commercial vehicles – Ford Transit, Vauxhall Vivaro, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Volkswagen Transporter are the most popular ones.

    2. Enkei

    This Japanese manufacturer supplies all of the largest Japanese car manufacturers and General Motors in the OEM market. Utilised for a variety of motorsports including rallying, sports car racing, drift and single-seater racing, they manufacture high-tech racing wheels. McLaren F1 team has Enkei as its official supplier since 1995.

    3. Ronal Wheels

    Its presence in Eastern Europe, the American continent and Asia makes them one of the few global players. This Swedish manufacturer is the only integrated producer of cast and forged aluminium wheels. SPEEDLINE CORSE and SPEEDLINE TRUCK are the most well-known from their product lines. SPEEDLINE TRUCK boasts exceptional load-bearing capacity while its wheels are incredibly light. SPEEDLINE CORSE is one of a kind, and its customers have won titles in Formula 1, the World Rally Championship, World Rallycross Championship, Super Touring and GT Racing.

    4. CM Wheels

    This UK-based company manufactures wheels for most makes and models including OEM and aftermarket wheels –the latter include that of BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Range Rover, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

    5. ALCOA WHEELS (Arconic)

    This American manufacturer started an entirely new industry by inventing the first forged aluminium truck wheel in 1948. By opting out of heavy steel wheels for lightweight aluminium, customers can save fuel and reduce maintenance. Sport utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, vans and other vehicles use the company's wheels.

    6. CITIC Dicastal

    Originally Dicastal Wheel Manufacturing Co., this China-based manufacturer is the aluminium manufacturer in China mainland. The leading OEMs, both domestic and international, are supplied by this manufacturer. In Europe, more than half the vehicles have components made by CITIC.

    7. Maxion Wheels

    The parent company, Iochpe-Maxion based in Brazil, is known for its long-term growth, infrastructure and stability. Its international network of strategically located engineering, technology and production facilities provides it with a global platform, giving it an unmatched business edge.

    8. UNIWHEELS Group

    It is one of the largest wheels suppliers to the automotive industry. With their extensive product portfolio, ATS, RIAL, ALUTEC and ANZIO offer wheels for all target groups in more than 30 countries worldwide –from premium to economy.

    9. Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Aluminum Wheel Co., Ltd.

    Its technical skill on aluminium wheels makes this Chinese manufacturer a nationally approved large high-tech enterprise. Europe, American, Canada, Australia, Japan, South-east Asia are the regions and countries where its products get sold.

    10. Superior Industries

    Founded in 1957, this American company finds itself as the largest manufacturer of aluminium wheels for passenger cars and light-duty vehicles in North America. What sets the company apart from the rest is its premium finishes making it among the top alloy wheel OEMs in the world.